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FEUM x SPOT 2019: Live Electronic

  • Institut for (X), Godsbanen Aarhus C (map)


// Hans Berg [Official] [SE]
// Birds ov Paradise [SE]
// Sofus Forsberg [DK]
// Mikael Tobias [CA/DK]

***FEUM's selection of electronic music artists, that all encapsulate the profound spirit of repetitive beats, combined with melodic soundscapes, from ambient to deep techno. A wide variety of electronic music performed and improvised live.***

FEE: 100kr (Free with SPOT armband!)

ROSYAN - Rosanna Lorenzen is a Danish/Iranian composer and sound artist. ROSYAN is the synonym for her solo project, where she explores the meeting between the acoustic and electronic world, as well as the visual element in an auditory context.
With her cello in the lead role, she continuously balances between improvisation and predetermined form, in which she interacts with the instrument and its possibilities.

Mikael Tobias is a Canadian sound artist now based in Copenhagen. His work explores the intersection of ambient and industrial music, blending organic instrumentation, digital manipulation, and deconstructed elemental sound. Currently, at work on the follow-up to his debut album, ABSENTIA, Tobias presents an immersive A/V set of billowing lap steel guitar, prismatic rhythms, and undulating textures.
Birds ov Paradise is music by Swedish sound-artist David Sabel. Based out of Göteborg. He released his first EP on Jens records in 2016 and has since then released on Swedish Hypnus records and Aniara recordings and dutch Kunstrukt.
Expect deep sounds and rhythms, Darkness moves into the light and then back deeper into darkness. The music follows a path that is private and timeless.
Hans Berg [Official] Berlin-based Swede, Hans is a unique artist. Making full on enthralling club music that hypnotizes audiences. On the other hand, he conjures atmospheric scores and sounds to accompany video art and installations.
Hans is a captivating hybrid of analog love and digital know-how. These dual interests are at the core of his production and live sets. A refreshing anomaly and a true artist.
Sofus Forsberg is known for his skilfull live modular synth performances. With his very delicate sense of presence, he creates a strong and coherent live experience, where he tames the raw modular synth sounds to a unique expressiveness all with the purpose of inviting the listener in an immersive space pointing to challenge the consciousness and perception making an experience words cannot describe.
Listen: Artwork: Lisowicz graphics

The event is generously supported by SPOT Festival and Musikpuljen Aarhus.

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